Saturday, September 20, 2008

hye.. im sorry i didnt update my blog..
yea theres few darn good reasons for it..
im getting tensed by the minute..
fam members have been in and out if the hospital
it started with grandma 5-6weeks ago when she had a heart attack..
im also extra worried bout her as she has the Parkinson disease.

while shes in the hospital, my grandfather was also emitted to the hospital for an asthma attack.
my mom had to take care of both of them at the same tyme alone as she is a single mother..
coz my bro has school n packed with his krs thinggy n sis is in uia..

then just as my grandparents got better, my sis was then emitted to the hospital
at first the dr said it was dengue, but after checking it out, it was after all.
then they said it was lung infection after all..
of coz i got even worried ryte.
she's still in the hsptl. she can only go bck home tomorrow hopefully

i think because of the chaos that happened recently.. my mom got ill
she had high fever but still had to take care of my sis..
i think i also got the fever from that huh..
but please don tell my mom as i x want her to be worried bout me as well..

in the mist of all dz.. i fell like im standing alone with no support..
as yana and i are on thin ice...
kin and alep are bz n just got out of a bad relationship
jue is like pushing me away..

but as u all knw.. ive been standing alone on my own since i wuz a kid
so x worry yea.. especially u kin..
haha. sumhow ill make it through da day..

p/s be thankful with whatever u have.. coz in this world, many of the things dont last forever.. cherish every single minute of ur life with the person u love n care *hugs* hehe..

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

the old blog...

Yes as u notice, all of my previous blog has been deleted..
im not sure why i did it but i think its time to start things from the beginning..
i am sorry for any inconvenience cause by my action..