Monday, April 19, 2010


its a night where i couldnt sleep..
even tried counting sheeps..
staring at the walls that creeks..
been thinking about the week..

a week that started out fine..
but later felt like being fined..
for an unknown crime..
committed as the moon shine..

felt like being pushed..
and even being used..

why oh why ive been thinking..
thinking how my heart is breaking..
eyes felt like leaking..
angers start shimmering..

points have been spoken..
promise have been broken..
felt like ur in prison..
and need to escape urgent..

but u still kept on waiting..
for the person to stop pretending..
and start thinking..
about what ive been speaking..


sometimes in life u dont really know what 2 do..
i mean ur like a split road..
unsure of taking which path..
afraid to choose a destination..
maybe also haunted by old memories..

we all dream of having a peaceful life..
one without any pressure..
one which we are appreciated by what we've done..
one where you x feel like ur being used..
a life where just happiness floats around..

we all wish that theres somebody out there for you..
someone who truly understands you..
someone that makes ur day..
someone who doesnt put their selves first..
a partner that is worth living for..

we all know that life is x that easy..
knows that life is a roller coaster ride..
knows that no one is perfect in this world..
knows that we cant run away from misery sometimes..
a life of unknowing future..

Saturday, April 17, 2010


waa.. its been so long since i played dota with my friends..
kinda miss it..
we used to play until like 2 in the morning like that..

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


aaaa... im missing hanna (my kitty btw, x the ex)
she so cute but kinda aggressive..
she likes to tackle people on the leg hand and any other part that she could reach..
sometimes its a bit painful and hands will be full of scars..
even my face pnh kene coz she was over excited..

her fave hobby is:
1) eat
she likes 2 eat a lot till it cause her pain..
my mom and grandparents thought that she was pregnant coz she was very fat..
so mom send her to the vet to "kasi" her..
then when she picked hanna up from the vet later, the vet told her she wasnt pregnant..
its just her fat was really thick..
poor girl..
she had 2 wear a cone over her head for 2 weeks kot..

2) AMBUSH!!!
hanna, likes 2 sneak up on people and grab them by their legs..
her fave legs.. my grandma..
then my grandma will squeal coz terkejut..
she even pnah made my grandma fall..
she will also do that to strangers..
no shame this cat..
wani was afraid of her went she drop by the house that day..
coz hanna was extra hyper that day..

3) drink
she likes to drink water directly from the water tap..
she wont drink water if we put it in her bowl..
and before drinking she'll test the water with her paw first..
she also clean herself up with tap water..
x using her saliva like other cats..
but she x like 2 mandi thats for sure..

for a cat i rarely see her sleeping..
shes like a very active cat..
till sometimes i dont know what she does until she got tangled up on her collar..
but yea, she makes our day..