Tuesday, April 28, 2009


you know how hard it is to pls everyone kan..
and being me, i don usually explain 2 people why i do things..
so i just wanna apologise to my friends yg mane rase tersinggung or anything..
but i still determine on keeping my promise to that someone..

Saturday, April 25, 2009

if only i could wear her shoes and makes her taste what it feels like

first of all, is the title correct x asha..?
x igt lerr..
o well. can change later if slh..
back to the title..
"if only i could wear her shoes and makes her taste what it feels like"
most of u would think "hey, shouldnt it be the other way around" or "this doesnt make sense"
yea.. technically it would sound better if it goes "if only she could wear my shoes and taste how it feels like"
mayb thats whats wrong with things now could..
people always want things to be how they are meant too..
mayb once in awhile we should open our brains and thinking broader..
like the title, it could mean that the girl x even know what she really feels..
like shes indecisive..
or mayb t means that she shouldnt feel what she's feeling..

so yea..
thing could appear more then it seems..
so we musnt judge em with an instant..
sometimes we should lean back relax and think of the situation and think of the benefits we could obtained from it..
for example td i wanted to eat mcd, but suddenly the STUPID miri mcd couldnt sell nything else xcept for chic..
at first i was kinda pissed lerr with the mcd..
but thinking back mayb its good laa kot
coz 1stly i can save some money..
secondly i wasnt in a real good mood td..
so i may not enjoy the food..
so yea.. everything have two sides to its..
its up 2 us to search for it..
am i talking nonesense lg ka..?
told u my blog x best..
x need to read it nymore leh..
da2.. go close this browser..

p/s i feel this blog is soo sucky..
will edit later kay.. mls lerr..

Sunday, April 12, 2009


how could you do this to me..
just in a blink of an eye..
u stab me in the back..
it hurts, really does..

i thought i could depend on you..
i thought you were different..
but my oh my..
you are practically the same..

your words are like slipery stone..
your actions are like the weather forecast..
and your promise is like waiting for santa for a kid..

ouh btw..
istill think the word "love" and also phrases like i love you, saya cinta kamu, ashiteru, ja'dore, szeretlek te'ged, phom rak khun, and much more is widely misused nowadays..
its been commonly used such as "im LOVING it"..
and how easily people could utter 143 till theres no feeling left to it when saying it..
or like when it just becomes a habit..
for example when a bf wants 2 hang up the phone after a convo with her gf he'll end with "i love u" without any feeling to it..
i hope i didnt make anyone i have uttered those words to feel like i x mean it..
coz i do mean it everytime i said it..

Friday, April 10, 2009


a few days ago you made a promise..
a promise that changed how i feel..
changed what i think of how things will be..
a promise i really hope you'll keep..

a few days ago you promised me something..
you promise things would never change..
no matter through thick or thin..
things will always stay the same..

a few days ago you made a promise..
that made me feel..
that even when were miles apart..
we will always be in each others heart..

i also made a promise to you..
a promise not to take a cigarette nor two..
although i'm afraid i'll break your heart..
i know i can keep my word with u by my side..

now i promise u my dear..
i'll keep that promise for as long as i could..
i'll try not to disappoint you by any means..
coz your the one i want for as long as i breathe..

Thursday, April 9, 2009

kpd ammar..

mp3 ak xleyh on langsung..
da dkat 2 minggu..
ganti ngan ipod touch!!!!!!


since uve been gone..
many unwanted things been going on..
stuff breaks..
injury happened..
belongings lost..
bad news come day by day..

so pls come back into my life asap oh dear god


i feel bored i dunno why..
although got so many work and assignments to be done..
but im, as always, to lazy to do..
and the fact i have to do double assignments pon x change me..
dat bad huh..

anyway, today is one of my best friends bday..
"Happy Bday Amer"
but we dont do like the normal prank thing..
we just cooked some dishes (rice, kurma ayam, ikan patin spaghetti and banana split) within a small crowd (7 of us) ate together..
although shahul was kinda late for it..
sorry.. we were hungry so we eat first..
come to think of it, amer slalu x kene prank pape kan..
hmm.. mayb coz he's a good guy kot..
or his chomeyl looks..

it makes me think of how "old" we are now..
and kinda think bout life..
u know although im only 20..
for me to not have a steady relationship is really sucks..
the longest i had didnt even reach 2 years..
is it due to my weakness?
or my cerewetness..
or just dat the "rite" one havent showed up yet..
someone told me to change the part of me yg "love one but only once"
but i x think i can do that due to history..

but i believe in god..
i know he have plans for me..
i know somehow someday i'll turn out ok..
and i really hope that my prayers will be fulfilled..

Sunday, April 5, 2009


hey look at the previous post..
its been almost 2 months since i wrote something on my blog huh..
heh.. well mayb i was very occupied with things and people around me..
anyway the previous week had been kinda hectic..
1stly because me and my friends (ammar, chong, shahul, kenx, kerol) had joined the curtin open dance competition..
2ndly coz i was involved with cis for the open day..
although the cis thing was x really a big deal coz b4 the open day it was just a few meetings and all..

i was kinda frustrated with the guys actually..
coz u know when its time to practice they like x give their full commitment..
you know, being late at times, x attending the practice and like when people already tegur them, they still do the same mistakes over and over..
plus i had to choreograph part of a song from scratch (which i thought was an easy dance move) but it was kinda hard teaching em..
coz like im x very good at teaching in the 1st place..
plus i dance according to the song not to they lyrics..
so i had to repeat the moves over and over again so dat they can captured which moves go to which lyrics..
that really strain my right leg..

after we had dance during the compettiton, i suddenly had this feeling of x satisfied with the performance..
and like want to enter again the next time..
come ammar we do chongs plan for gala..
sure stylo..

for the cis thing..
had to start early.. mau kept trying to wake me up since 6.20am that morning..
eventually i woke up at 630am..
got dress and started the job of being a logistic guy..
actually this time i didnt think i did a good job lerr..
coz i was x at the booth plenty of times..
and for that, i apologize hill..
hmm.. yea actually i mz working with you..
haa.. sorry i made u shed tears in the car..
didnt mean to..
but we've gone through more shits then dz kan..

its been a long time since i've talked to this special someone..
i think this person is the only person who i can tell random stuff or like important stuff to..
dat day we've talked bout some big secrets..
sigh.. i really hope that people here arent so judgemental and just open their brains for one sec and shut their mouth sometimes..
sorry for the hardness and rudeness..
anyway.. special thanks to this person for lending an ear..
mz talking to you..

lapar suda..
nak mkn jap..
will post something else later..