Monday, October 19, 2009


finally im blogging..

well, yesterday we (as in me and the other crew of my group) danced for a project care..
before the performance starts i wasnt nervous pon..
dont know why..
but ammar was restless (poor thing)..
there was one fucked up part where they didnt prepare for the props that we need which is only a bench for gods sake..
kesian asfan.. he was mad..
well so was i and anis..
and we like to apologize for that actually to suhas..

well i think the performance was kinda went well..
kinda glad it was dark..
so we cant really see the audience..
was excited went it finished..

i think the CIRCUS went well..
it was a good show..
i like the shuffler and the clown..
i wanted to see more action from ester on the drums though..
and ammar won the lucky draw to Long Makabar..
goodluck ammar..

then after that we went out for a late dinner..
we went to seahorse..
kim, anis, kenx and clarence played pool there..
had lambchop..
was soooo hungry..

then anis wanted to go clubbing..
agnes mule2 dont want coz got class..
but eventually followed jgak..
so first we head for thai bar, but it was closed..
then we went to cb but also closed..
so in the end we just went to tg lobang..
played at the playground..
choc people and vanilla people so hyper that night dont know why..
later we just hang out and talker on the seesaw..
at about 315 i ammar was already lying down on the sea saw, asfan was and clarence fell asleep sitting on it..
so time to head back..
had fun..
its been awhile since i went out late night like that..
wanna do it again..