Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Wow!! somehow I remembered the password for my old blog! Demn its been long.. Gotta change the name of my blog now I suppose as I have reduce my coke intake *shock face!!* yea I know.. I do miss writing actually.. Been ages since I have done so.. Will update more soon (I hope) Chow for now

Friday, July 9, 2010


now suddenly everyone started using tumblr..
i dunno why..
like all of a sudden everybody in curtin is using tumblr..
and those who use to blog on blogger doesnt do it anynore..
or some rarely..
btw im talking about those yg very active in blogging..
u know who u are..

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


my newly bought (23 march 2010) just failed on me..
the hdd is 2tb..
and like 30% of it full with movie weyh!!
i hope the movies and series will still be there..

the doctor ask me to rest for a week..
but i doubt i can do that..

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


well, its easy for us 2 gives excuses..
such as having a headache, backache, etc2..
but sometimes if we push ourselves a lil more and achieved in completing the task wouldnt the satisfaction be more..

i know that sometimes its like bloody hell painful..
then its ok laa..
but if like 2 me sakit2 sikit and cant do work mcm cant terime sgt laa..
but i consider also the individual nye thp tahan kesakitan..
not that mean kot..
or am i..

Monday, April 19, 2010


its a night where i couldnt sleep..
even tried counting sheeps..
staring at the walls that creeks..
been thinking about the week..

a week that started out fine..
but later felt like being fined..
for an unknown crime..
committed as the moon shine..

felt like being pushed..
and even being used..

why oh why ive been thinking..
thinking how my heart is breaking..
eyes felt like leaking..
angers start shimmering..

points have been spoken..
promise have been broken..
felt like ur in prison..
and need to escape urgent..

but u still kept on waiting..
for the person to stop pretending..
and start thinking..
about what ive been speaking..


sometimes in life u dont really know what 2 do..
i mean ur like a split road..
unsure of taking which path..
afraid to choose a destination..
maybe also haunted by old memories..

we all dream of having a peaceful life..
one without any pressure..
one which we are appreciated by what we've done..
one where you x feel like ur being used..
a life where just happiness floats around..

we all wish that theres somebody out there for you..
someone who truly understands you..
someone that makes ur day..
someone who doesnt put their selves first..
a partner that is worth living for..

we all know that life is x that easy..
knows that life is a roller coaster ride..
knows that no one is perfect in this world..
knows that we cant run away from misery sometimes..
a life of unknowing future..

Saturday, April 17, 2010


waa.. its been so long since i played dota with my friends..
kinda miss it..
we used to play until like 2 in the morning like that..