Monday, April 19, 2010


its a night where i couldnt sleep..
even tried counting sheeps..
staring at the walls that creeks..
been thinking about the week..

a week that started out fine..
but later felt like being fined..
for an unknown crime..
committed as the moon shine..

felt like being pushed..
and even being used..

why oh why ive been thinking..
thinking how my heart is breaking..
eyes felt like leaking..
angers start shimmering..

points have been spoken..
promise have been broken..
felt like ur in prison..
and need to escape urgent..

but u still kept on waiting..
for the person to stop pretending..
and start thinking..
about what ive been speaking..


Anonymous said...

what's up weh?

depressing sungguh bunyinye

Anonymous said...

the coke side of the life? haha

syaha said...

yea its the best side of life