Thursday, February 19, 2009


Its the beginning of a NEW sem in 3 days more?
before the sem starts many shits (good and bad) had occurred..
and i got some NEW items to kick start the sem..
but the 2 major things are

1stly i got a NEW hp..
ugh.. im kinda thorn bout dz..
my old sony e hp (orange n white) suddenly died when i was otw back from lepaking with the guys at mid..
and mom tried to call several tymes and cant get through..
she was annoyed lerr..
we had an argument bout buying a new hp..
in the end i gave up and bought a new one gak..
*kene pakse beli hp with own money somemore leh..)
so i went surveying the next day..
and with a lil help from someone, i bought the LGkc910..
yea its an LG phone and not a sony e =.=!
so what.. im trying something NEW

2ndly, i got a NEW room..
well i got mau's room..
kinda spoil by dat factor laa..
but yea.. hahah

so in all dz NEW things, i hope some other NEW things i want would be granted..
such as NEW car, NEW money coming in, NEW lappy.. (NEW girl can ka..?) hehehe
we'll see whats NEW afta dz..

Monday, February 9, 2009

Habits in CB..

i dunno why im writing dz though..
but here are some habits i do and observe for the staff in cb

starting with drinks.. some of us have like a specific drink we take when we go to work like..

me --> morning = hot/cold choc
--> afternoon/evening = Orange Juice/fruit tea or currently tropical passion ice tea
--> bz time = COKE or espresso or red bull(sometimes)
*note that the drinks that i make are own recipe so its way way better..

then we have kak leen --> usually takes ice choc (her recipe) and also tropical passion ice tea..
she also likes coke.. so we sometimes buy a big bottle and share..
but it'll finish in like a blink of the eye =.=!

abg sham --> brew of the day plus milk n sugar syrup

kak dila --> latte skim milk (i dunno why skim milk. she's so thin laa)

ahkim (people say we look alike) --> 4 shots of espresso..if he's doin full shift,6 shots..

sue --> tiru me n kak leen minum ice choc (but her recipe)

ikhwan --> hot choc..

food actually tada laa.. but for me i'll have the sausages with tobasco sauce.. 2 scramble eggs or chic pie with ceaser dressing or pita tuna..

when doing opening i'll always have to do all the work bymyself.. so i will still wear my slippers and also will listen to my mp3 as loud as possible..

me n kak leen use to compare our cap foams.. and yea i like making cap the most amongst the drinks in cb..

now i prefer to do gourmet coz more challenging.. =P
i like to kacau or tease people while working so they dont be so stress up, although i get stressed up sometimes..
msg while working..
ouh.. and will sample new products..
thats all for now..
if i can remember somemore i'll add it..

Sunday, February 8, 2009


u do u guys believe that dreams bring a certain meaning..
like some people say if u dream of a snake u'll find ur life partner..
is this true..?
if so learning about dreams meaning is on my to learn list (although i dont have a list)

anyway about my dream last night..
hmm.. i dreamt i died 3 times saving 3 of my faves girl for the time being =P(girls that are not fam members)
qst dream i was a drummer in a movie staring JESSICA ALBA weyh!!!
while shooting the film suddenly the director jd furious at alba dunno why..
he went away n brought back a shotgun and load it..
as he took aim of alba i ran towards her.. then pushed her away and got shot..
IN THE HEAD.. and u know that a shotgun bullet is scattered kan..
so my parts of my head was like gone and were all over the place..

second dream..
kin (my pet sis) was a hostage in Colombia i think..
and i wasss...
a SWAT member.. woho0o0o.. the TL in fact.. =)
i cant really remember dz dream.. dunno why..
all i know went in the building, rescued kin and suddenly got shot in the leg..
didnt manage to run away in time b4 the building explodes..
kin manage though.. =)

last dream..
i was an illegal race car driver.. she was kinda the girl i like but didnt know bout it..
one night i was challenged by a guy i cant remember the name (whats new)..
ouh.. i drove the Nissan GT-R SpecV wohoh0o0o..
well obviously i won the race.. hahaha
and that guy was kinda x puas hati..
so suddenly he accelerate towards the girl (i dunno why though)
so i pon accelerate to intercept him..
i manage to do so..
my car was like tergolek2..
heres the messed up part.. use ur imagination if u can..
the car hit a a signboard and like only the bottom half of the car and bottom part of my body lepas the signboard..
so the upper part of the car and my body mcm stuck at the signboard..