Sunday, November 30, 2008

"Love is giving someone the ability to hurt you but trusting them not to!"

as we know this is the foundation, the glue, the force that keeps relation together..
no matter what kind of relation..
husband wife, lovers, parent child, pet & owner..
and as we all know building trust in a relationship takes hard work and commitment..
i think trust not only requires that you listen to each other and communicate your needs..
but trust requires honesty above all else..

the problem with trust in a relationship is that, it is always taken for granted..
they dont cherish, be grateful and respect the trust that was given to them..
people toy around trust like it means nothing..
they abuse it..
and when this happen, well for me, it just the end..

Whether or not trust can ever be restored depends on how badly it was damaged..
it also depends on the individual itself..
how much the spurned person feels betrayed..
and how they look at the term trust themselves..
for example me..
i'll give the person like several chance to gain back my trust..
if they like screw up 3 major times..
then bye2..
but if you’ve had your trust betrayed then you know how hard it can be to let go..
move on and fix the relationship..

i think to build trust in a realtionship is a 2 way thing..
u cant xpect only the other party to strive for it..
u urself have to contribute to it..
u must be truthful to ur self and ur lover..
it means u have to be fair by trusting ur lover as well..
maybe some boundaries should be set..
but some people just cant xcept dz can they.. hehe
sorry MTOff..
and most importantly believe in urself..

Once you’ve built trust..
you’ve done something magical..
and you should do everything in your power to keep it if..
that if you plan on maintaining your relationship la..

what is this thing call love, crush, like, adore, and all the words that relate to it..?
is it just a thought, a feeling? or is it more than just that..?
what drive some of us to feel the need of it..?
and yea, why do some of us can just go along this life without that special someone.
i mean i know some people who are like 80 something years old and still single..
how izit that they can be like that and get through life..?

this thought or feeling is such a mystery to me..
i mean ive been searching for the answers for a long time..
people have called me a player and all..
but is it really my fault if like im not with only one girl in my life..
and fyi i have only asked for a break up once je in my life..

back to the real thing..
is it really my fault if you think that the person ur with is not suitable for u..
i mean things could change..
when at first you think dat she's the one..
but somewhere along the journey things changed..
their true color are being shown..
and u think for u guys to not be together is better..
isnt it better to end it than just try to go along with it and in the end u'll just regret it..
after u tried ur best to change it la..

some people say u have to be patient for the other party to change..
but u know that every human beings have their limits..
how long can u endure such pain..
the feeling of heart breaking then being crushed into dust fragments, felt over and over, day after day, night after night..
seriously how long can u endure it..
all of us have need, desire..

you know i envy couplles like my grandparents..
whom their relation is for real till death do them apart..
they understand each other, tolerate each other..
and another type of couple dat i envy is the type where their marriage is not whom they chose..
but a planned marriage..
but somehow they manage to overcome it and just be happy with each other..