Tuesday, December 29, 2009

coffee bean update

been so long since i blogged huh..
guess no one reads my blog nowadays..

well anyway today was like the day the otai or aka old timers fall..
in other words we (the old timers) made a mistake/screw something up..
well cant really blame anyone..
today i woke up after what have been like a few mins sleep with an aching body..
and also x mood to work at all..
so ive decided 2 x be the cashier and let the other stuff do it..
but in the morning while brewing a new coffee, i accidentally forgot to close the nozzle up front..
this resulted in a "banjir" situation..

cilaka all the staff including the manager was like happy for some reason after i screw up..
but i fell with a standing ovation..
then later my "twin" came work late la and i x really know what he screwed up in the kitchen..
but my manager was like " ahahaha.. ape cte otai hr ni? sume bwud salah jer"
but just a while after that we showed her whos bos..

well anyway today i broke my record with a total of 34 cappuccino made on a weekday..
previous is like 28 kot..
the most order i had in one go was like 8 caps..
*caps is short form for cappuccino for those who dont know..


step 1
Make a 1 1/2 oz. espresso, leaving enough water in the espresso machine to steam some milk. (See "How to Make an Espresso" in the Related eHows section.)
Step 2

Put espresso in a 5-oz. or larger cup so that you have room for the milk.
Step 3

Set espresso machine to steam.
Step 4

Fill a stainless-steel carafe with 3 oz. cold milk and insert the steam nozzle.
Step 5

Place nozzle halfway down in milk and leave it in milk for 45 to 60 seconds, or until the milk is hot and there's enough foam for your preference.
Step 6

Add 1 1/2 oz. steamed milk to the cup of espresso.
Step 7

Spoon some foamed milk onto the top.

something like that.. heheh
the tricky part is the foam..
the best foam would be when u put a spoon or somethng in the middle of the foam like straight upwards, the spoon wont fall down..

Monday, October 19, 2009


finally im blogging..

well, yesterday we (as in me and the other crew of my group) danced for a project care..
before the performance starts i wasnt nervous pon..
dont know why..
but ammar was restless (poor thing)..
there was one fucked up part where they didnt prepare for the props that we need which is only a bench for gods sake..
kesian asfan.. he was mad..
well so was i and anis..
and we like to apologize for that actually to suhas..

well i think the performance was kinda went well..
kinda glad it was dark..
so we cant really see the audience..
was excited went it finished..

i think the CIRCUS went well..
it was a good show..
i like the shuffler and the clown..
i wanted to see more action from ester on the drums though..
and ammar won the lucky draw to Long Makabar..
goodluck ammar..

then after that we went out for a late dinner..
we went to seahorse..
kim, anis, kenx and clarence played pool there..
had lambchop..
was soooo hungry..

then anis wanted to go clubbing..
agnes mule2 dont want coz got class..
but eventually followed jgak..
so first we head for thai bar, but it was closed..
then we went to cb but also closed..
so in the end we just went to tg lobang..
played at the playground..
choc people and vanilla people so hyper that night dont know why..
later we just hang out and talker on the seesaw..
at about 315 i ammar was already lying down on the sea saw, asfan was and clarence fell asleep sitting on it..
so time to head back..
had fun..
its been awhile since i went out late night like that..
wanna do it again..

Saturday, July 25, 2009

thoughts or feelings

do u guys normally come to a conclusion or decision according to ur feelings or ur thoughts?
most people say that they would follow their thoughts more..
coz feelings are not reliable and tends to be bias..
but i think thoughts are also the same..

me myself am a thinker..
i think alot..
but as once told me b4, i tend to think to deep..
she said that is not good..
but i think if u think things deeply u can most likely predict and u know get ready for whatever happens..

but most of the times i cant think straight as to many thoughts cross my mind..
so i use my feelings to make a decision..
and most of the times this method works for me..
so i think and feel using both ways is better..
what bout u..?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Never grow up..

do u ever wished that u always be a kid forever..
that you x have to be a grown up..
where everything is possible..
ur happy all the time..
except maybe when you x get things like sweets or ice cream that u want..
when you x know how to love others besides ur fam..
where sorrow is a mile a way..
x responsibility..
just joy and happiness, laughter all the way..
yea i always wish i was a kid..
and i still hope the kid inside me (mayb left only a fragment of it) will stay there..

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thomas omalley song.. =P

I'm like a chee-chee-chee-chee-rony like they make at home
Or a healthy fish with a big backbone
I'm Abraham De Lacy
Guiseppe Casey
Thomas O'Malley
O'Malley the alley cat

I've got that wanderlust
Gotta walk the scene
Gotta kick up highway dust
Feel the grass that's green
Gotta strut them city streets
Showin' off my eclat, yeah
Tellin' my friends of the social elite
Or some cute cat I happen to meet
That I'm
Abraham De Lacy
Guiseppe Casey
Thomas O'Malley
O'Malley the alley cat

I'm king of the highway
Prince of the boulevard
Duke of the avant-garde
The world is my backyard
So if you're goin' my way
That's the road you wanna seek
Calcutta to Rome or home, sweet home,
In Paris, magnifique, you all!

I only got myself
And this big old world
But I sip that cup of life
With my fingers curled
I don't worry what road to take
I don't have to think of that
Whatever I take is the road I make
It's the road of life make no mistake
For me, yeah,
Abraham De Lacy
Guiseppe Casey
Thomas O'Malley
O'Malley the alley cat

That's right
And I'm very proud of that

Friday, May 22, 2009

depressing huh..

i wish i could be with you one day..
and bring you happiness through night and day..

when all ur doubts are cleared away..
and realise that i am here to stay..

do u think that day would come..
or you'll just be too numb..

too scared to do anything..
for its a burden, o0o yes it is..

if being a statue is what you'll do..
im sorry i cant call u my boo..

how i wish you would stand up for me..
but instead you just walk out and flee..

i know how important they are to you..
i hope i could be one of them too..

its hard for me to let you go..
its not as easy as counting 1,2, go..
this sorrow feeling u should know..

o0o god please x let this be..
another feeling of heart breaking..

a feeling as if being thrown away..
by the one i love through night and day..

if you open your heart then maybe you'll see..
i could be what ever you need..

i could be your clown..
i could be your knight in shining amour..

i could be your mentor..
i could even be your taxi driver..

but most importantly, o0o yes baby..
i could be your lover..

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


you know how hard it is to pls everyone kan..
and being me, i don usually explain 2 people why i do things..
so i just wanna apologise to my friends yg mane rase tersinggung or anything..
but i still determine on keeping my promise to that someone..

Saturday, April 25, 2009

if only i could wear her shoes and makes her taste what it feels like

first of all, is the title correct x asha..?
x igt lerr..
o well. can change later if slh..
back to the title..
"if only i could wear her shoes and makes her taste what it feels like"
most of u would think "hey, shouldnt it be the other way around" or "this doesnt make sense"
yea.. technically it would sound better if it goes "if only she could wear my shoes and taste how it feels like"
mayb thats whats wrong with things now could..
people always want things to be how they are meant too..
mayb once in awhile we should open our brains and thinking broader..
like the title, it could mean that the girl x even know what she really feels..
like shes indecisive..
or mayb t means that she shouldnt feel what she's feeling..

so yea..
thing could appear more then it seems..
so we musnt judge em with an instant..
sometimes we should lean back relax and think of the situation and think of the benefits we could obtained from it..
for example td i wanted to eat mcd, but suddenly the STUPID miri mcd couldnt sell nything else xcept for chic..
at first i was kinda pissed lerr with the mcd..
but thinking back mayb its good laa kot
coz 1stly i can save some money..
secondly i wasnt in a real good mood td..
so i may not enjoy the food..
so yea.. everything have two sides to its..
its up 2 us to search for it..
am i talking nonesense lg ka..?
told u my blog x best..
x need to read it nymore leh..
da2.. go close this browser..

p/s i feel this blog is soo sucky..
will edit later kay.. mls lerr..

Sunday, April 12, 2009


how could you do this to me..
just in a blink of an eye..
u stab me in the back..
it hurts, really does..

i thought i could depend on you..
i thought you were different..
but my oh my..
you are practically the same..

your words are like slipery stone..
your actions are like the weather forecast..
and your promise is like waiting for santa for a kid..

ouh btw..
istill think the word "love" and also phrases like i love you, saya cinta kamu, ashiteru, ja'dore, szeretlek te'ged, phom rak khun, and much more is widely misused nowadays..
its been commonly used such as "im LOVING it"..
and how easily people could utter 143 till theres no feeling left to it when saying it..
or like when it just becomes a habit..
for example when a bf wants 2 hang up the phone after a convo with her gf he'll end with "i love u" without any feeling to it..
i hope i didnt make anyone i have uttered those words to feel like i x mean it..
coz i do mean it everytime i said it..

Friday, April 10, 2009


a few days ago you made a promise..
a promise that changed how i feel..
changed what i think of how things will be..
a promise i really hope you'll keep..

a few days ago you promised me something..
you promise things would never change..
no matter through thick or thin..
things will always stay the same..

a few days ago you made a promise..
that made me feel..
that even when were miles apart..
we will always be in each others heart..

i also made a promise to you..
a promise not to take a cigarette nor two..
although i'm afraid i'll break your heart..
i know i can keep my word with u by my side..

now i promise u my dear..
i'll keep that promise for as long as i could..
i'll try not to disappoint you by any means..
coz your the one i want for as long as i breathe..

Thursday, April 9, 2009

kpd ammar..

mp3 ak xleyh on langsung..
da dkat 2 minggu..
ganti ngan ipod touch!!!!!!


since uve been gone..
many unwanted things been going on..
stuff breaks..
injury happened..
belongings lost..
bad news come day by day..

so pls come back into my life asap oh dear god


i feel bored i dunno why..
although got so many work and assignments to be done..
but im, as always, to lazy to do..
and the fact i have to do double assignments pon x change me..
dat bad huh..

anyway, today is one of my best friends bday..
"Happy Bday Amer"
but we dont do like the normal prank thing..
we just cooked some dishes (rice, kurma ayam, ikan patin spaghetti and banana split) within a small crowd (7 of us) ate together..
although shahul was kinda late for it..
sorry.. we were hungry so we eat first..
come to think of it, amer slalu x kene prank pape kan..
hmm.. mayb coz he's a good guy kot..
or his chomeyl looks..

it makes me think of how "old" we are now..
and kinda think bout life..
u know although im only 20..
for me to not have a steady relationship is really sucks..
the longest i had didnt even reach 2 years..
is it due to my weakness?
or my cerewetness..
or just dat the "rite" one havent showed up yet..
someone told me to change the part of me yg "love one but only once"
but i x think i can do that due to history..

but i believe in god..
i know he have plans for me..
i know somehow someday i'll turn out ok..
and i really hope that my prayers will be fulfilled..

Sunday, April 5, 2009


hey look at the previous post..
its been almost 2 months since i wrote something on my blog huh..
heh.. well mayb i was very occupied with things and people around me..
anyway the previous week had been kinda hectic..
1stly because me and my friends (ammar, chong, shahul, kenx, kerol) had joined the curtin open dance competition..
2ndly coz i was involved with cis for the open day..
although the cis thing was x really a big deal coz b4 the open day it was just a few meetings and all..

i was kinda frustrated with the guys actually..
coz u know when its time to practice they like x give their full commitment..
you know, being late at times, x attending the practice and like when people already tegur them, they still do the same mistakes over and over..
plus i had to choreograph part of a song from scratch (which i thought was an easy dance move) but it was kinda hard teaching em..
coz like im x very good at teaching in the 1st place..
plus i dance according to the song not to they lyrics..
so i had to repeat the moves over and over again so dat they can captured which moves go to which lyrics..
that really strain my right leg..

after we had dance during the compettiton, i suddenly had this feeling of x satisfied with the performance..
and like want to enter again the next time..
come ammar we do chongs plan for gala..
sure stylo..

for the cis thing..
had to start early.. mau kept trying to wake me up since 6.20am that morning..
eventually i woke up at 630am..
got dress and started the job of being a logistic guy..
actually this time i didnt think i did a good job lerr..
coz i was x at the booth plenty of times..
and for that, i apologize hill..
hmm.. yea actually i mz working with you..
haa.. sorry i made u shed tears in the car..
didnt mean to..
but we've gone through more shits then dz kan..

its been a long time since i've talked to this special someone..
i think this person is the only person who i can tell random stuff or like important stuff to..
dat day we've talked bout some big secrets..
sigh.. i really hope that people here arent so judgemental and just open their brains for one sec and shut their mouth sometimes..
sorry for the hardness and rudeness..
anyway.. special thanks to this person for lending an ear..
mz talking to you..

lapar suda..
nak mkn jap..
will post something else later..

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Its the beginning of a NEW sem in 3 days more?
before the sem starts many shits (good and bad) had occurred..
and i got some NEW items to kick start the sem..
but the 2 major things are

1stly i got a NEW hp..
ugh.. im kinda thorn bout dz..
my old sony e hp (orange n white) suddenly died when i was otw back from lepaking with the guys at mid..
and mom tried to call several tymes and cant get through..
she was annoyed lerr..
we had an argument bout buying a new hp..
in the end i gave up and bought a new one gak..
*kene pakse beli hp with own money somemore leh..)
so i went surveying the next day..
and with a lil help from someone, i bought the LGkc910..
yea its an LG phone and not a sony e =.=!
so what.. im trying something NEW

2ndly, i got a NEW room..
well i got mau's room..
kinda spoil by dat factor laa..
but yea.. hahah

so in all dz NEW things, i hope some other NEW things i want would be granted..
such as NEW car, NEW money coming in, NEW lappy.. (NEW girl can ka..?) hehehe
we'll see whats NEW afta dz..

Monday, February 9, 2009

Habits in CB..

i dunno why im writing dz though..
but here are some habits i do and observe for the staff in cb

starting with drinks.. some of us have like a specific drink we take when we go to work like..

me --> morning = hot/cold choc
--> afternoon/evening = Orange Juice/fruit tea or currently tropical passion ice tea
--> bz time = COKE or espresso or red bull(sometimes)
*note that the drinks that i make are own recipe so its way way better..

then we have kak leen --> usually takes ice choc (her recipe) and also tropical passion ice tea..
she also likes coke.. so we sometimes buy a big bottle and share..
but it'll finish in like a blink of the eye =.=!

abg sham --> brew of the day plus milk n sugar syrup

kak dila --> latte skim milk (i dunno why skim milk. she's so thin laa)

ahkim (people say we look alike) --> 4 shots of espresso..if he's doin full shift,6 shots..

sue --> tiru me n kak leen minum ice choc (but her recipe)

ikhwan --> hot choc..

food actually tada laa.. but for me i'll have the sausages with tobasco sauce.. 2 scramble eggs or chic pie with ceaser dressing or pita tuna..

when doing opening i'll always have to do all the work bymyself.. so i will still wear my slippers and also will listen to my mp3 as loud as possible..

me n kak leen use to compare our cap foams.. and yea i like making cap the most amongst the drinks in cb..

now i prefer to do gourmet coz more challenging.. =P
i like to kacau or tease people while working so they dont be so stress up, although i get stressed up sometimes..
msg while working..
ouh.. and will sample new products..
thats all for now..
if i can remember somemore i'll add it..

Sunday, February 8, 2009


u do u guys believe that dreams bring a certain meaning..
like some people say if u dream of a snake u'll find ur life partner..
is this true..?
if so learning about dreams meaning is on my to learn list (although i dont have a list)

anyway about my dream last night..
hmm.. i dreamt i died 3 times saving 3 of my faves girl for the time being =P(girls that are not fam members)
qst dream i was a drummer in a movie staring JESSICA ALBA weyh!!!
while shooting the film suddenly the director jd furious at alba dunno why..
he went away n brought back a shotgun and load it..
as he took aim of alba i ran towards her.. then pushed her away and got shot..
IN THE HEAD.. and u know that a shotgun bullet is scattered kan..
so my parts of my head was like gone and were all over the place..

second dream..
kin (my pet sis) was a hostage in Colombia i think..
and i wasss...
a SWAT member.. woho0o0o.. the TL in fact.. =)
i cant really remember dz dream.. dunno why..
all i know went in the building, rescued kin and suddenly got shot in the leg..
didnt manage to run away in time b4 the building explodes..
kin manage though.. =)

last dream..
i was an illegal race car driver.. she was kinda the girl i like but didnt know bout it..
one night i was challenged by a guy i cant remember the name (whats new)..
ouh.. i drove the Nissan GT-R SpecV wohoh0o0o..
well obviously i won the race.. hahaha
and that guy was kinda x puas hati..
so suddenly he accelerate towards the girl (i dunno why though)
so i pon accelerate to intercept him..
i manage to do so..
my car was like tergolek2..
heres the messed up part.. use ur imagination if u can..
the car hit a a signboard and like only the bottom half of the car and bottom part of my body lepas the signboard..
so the upper part of the car and my body mcm stuck at the signboard..

Friday, January 30, 2009

OBML WHaling n others


suddenly to lazy to write dz blog..
anyway.. we got up at 630 like always..went down to the pdg to do the excercise..
but since ammar's group was late, we had to jog around the pdg 8 laps..

actually x mood laa, x lazy..
ok basically dz is what happen dat day la..
morning we blaja bout the whaler and all..
about the parts of whaler, sail n how to row properly..
then evening we just try sailing for awhile..
later we went for dinner..
then at night we had the briefing of the next expedition..

we prepared our stuff by 8.30..
load it on the mother boat at 9.. then set of..
the 1st destination is to have lunch near a bridge (which obviously i cant remember the name of)..
and i still x get why we have 2 have lunch there..
anyway.. we had a quick lunch..
coz suddenly the wind was strng n good for sailing..
so we hurried to our whaler..
it started 2 rain later..
dz was the most exciting part..
we were sailing in the rain..
hahah.. i was manhandling the main sail which kinda hurt my hand..
half of the journey to the campsite suddenly there was x wind anymore..
i was cold due to the rain and all decided to join the other and to row as well..
we were the 1st to arrive there..
my watch actually have like marked the trees for our tent..
but later we found out that koyots group x place..
so we gave them apart of our territory..
tibe2 nini came and like bsg2 2 us saying we should give our place and all to koyots team la..
she x knw we da kasi.. plus she x realise that her watch nyer area is big 2..
grr.. so i kinda accidentally shout at her..
ooppsss.. hhhaah..
the camp area dz time got byk pacat..
n i cant get it why people are so afraid of these creatures..
hmm.. but the camp site was kinda x nice compared to the earlier one..
got the seaweeds.. and the girls in my group keep on saying nak bwud sushi la..
but tc made a sponge out of it instead..

head back to obml..
was x dat tired compared to the kayak..
but still doze of b4 lunch..
later in the evening we had a group discussion and like prepare for the performance for the night..
apparently our performance was same as koyots group..
so we decided to gabungkan je..
the performance that night got interesting one.. and also the hambar ones..
really enjoyed the performance by aju's n chendols group..

we got our precious things back..
benn feeling naked and incomplete without those things..
later we had bfast and like receive our certificates..
i sat next to amer on the bus..
slept most of the journey home..
had to take a cab back from klcc..
and it cost rm40 weyh..

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


ugh.. started da day at 6.30 am with exercise weyh..
but fun jgak la..
then had our bfast.. we had mee goreng if x mistaken..
then we went up to our dorm to get ready for our first sea activity..
yea in the morning we learned how to kayak (the real way)..
and what to do when someone is capsized..
i partner up with din for the kayak..
then we went up for our lunch ann later was briefed on our kayak expedition..
we basically had to go round the pangkor island..
when i went to pangkor with kim n wani we took bout 2 hours to tour the island on a speed boat..
now were kayaking..
adoi.. anyway we made our preparation, did stretch up and final check up..
then off we go!!
our first journey was to teluk sekadin, situated south of pangkor island..
the weather is kinda good, not to hot and all..
thank god the current also was x dat strong..
we departed around 230 kot..
cant remember as i was wth no watch (very sux weyh)..
and we reach there at 5 kot..
then we had to set up camp, fire to cook and gather wood for fire..
we had chic curry, scramble egg, some veggie and rice..
we had the night off later..
we actually had to do sentry so me safiq n salam bunk in early..
but sadly no one woke us up for sentry.. sigh

we had to get ready by 7 to depart so dat we dont have to kayak againts the current..
so we had bfast (a piece of bread) pack our things and load em in the mother boat..
and got our kayak into the water and head for the open sea..
this journey was the tough one..
we practically had to go 9 times the journey yesterday.. ugh
me n din at first said we should take our time..
so i decided to go through the waves just for more thrill..
but that made us more tired so we had to stop more which made us ended up amongst the last to arrive at our lunch break..
when ur at the back of the group, its easy for u to be demotivated as u can see other participants infront of u getting further away..
anyway we had our lunch at a place i cant remember the name..
we only had like bread, crackers and hot dogs..
btw the greatest food we had at obml was the crackers n bread..
we had like an hour break..
so after eating we took a lil nap..
later we resume our dreadful journey..
now we decided to step up our pace and stay ahead of the others..
the currents are getting strong now and so the waves are bigger..
me n din had a very hard time paddling our kayak due to the waves..
the hardest part was when we wanted to cross the channel..
it look so near but i was like "shit.. why arent we there yet"..
another friend of mine said "why are the building across the channel getting smaller? were heading for it, it should appear bigger"..
we manage to overcome the tides and all..
we were very thrilled when we saw the obml camp..
we rushed for it.
but about 100 metres from the beach a friend capsized..
we rushed to their rescue.. but as soon as we got there, they were already on the verge of getting back on their kayak..
so we just headed for the beach..
we were amongst the first 10 2 arrive there at around 4pm if x mistaken..
we clean our kayak and paddles..
then i help out the curtin girls to carry their kayak..
we head back to our room..
i rushed to the bathroom to bathe as i cant stand my hair..
we prayed and jump onto our beds..
we doze of easily..
we woke up at 6.20pm and got ready for dinner..
after dinner we had to gather at the hall to learn a few songs..
the scholl song, the ob spirit song, bertemu n berpisah the english n malay version..
then we went to bed..

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

OBML ^.^v

Back from Outward Bound already..
and im actually missing it already..
here's whats happened there..

woke up kinda late and was kinda rushing to the lrt station..
when i reached there it was already 8.30 and we had to gather at like 9..
then i had to que up to enter the train..
it was all cramped up in the train so i didnt manage to put down my bag..
so i was like carrying a huge bag that was more than half my size..
and got dz one dude who was like resting on my bag..
so i was like pulled back along the way..
when i reached kllcc, i had to run to the menara 1..
luckily the bus was still there..
*phew, thank god*
met up with the guys and eventually got up on the bus..
i sat next to ammar on the bus..
chong as usual did a stupid thing..
there was a bed at the back of the bus, n he went to lie down there..
so as we were all borak2ing, the bus driver enters the bus..
he went straight to chong who was still on the bed..
and was like "sape soh kamu dok sini.. ltk blk bantal 2 kat mane ko jumpe"
then got off the bus and resume talking to the other bus driver..
chong was moody ever since that..
hahah.. serves him right..
we depart from klcc at almost 10..
after like quarter way of the journey i slept..
but woke up x long after that as i was hungry..
the bus driver stop somewhere i cant remember just for us to pee..
there were no stalls or any of food shops to buy food from..
there was only a man on a motor selling ice cream..
weyh!!! really starving..
we resume the journey and sooner found out that the other bus had stopped somewhere to eat..
but we didnt..
we all was like blaming chong coz he like pissed the bus driver..
when we arrived there we had to wait like more than an hour b4 we could eat..
before eating we were divided into 10 groups..
my group called bubu, consists of safiq,salam,syepah,tc,din (from curtin) plus kamal aka atok, azri aka cina, hafiz, ahmad syafiq, liyana, hafiz n naemah
we got the jambu-est instructor, mr fauzi arif..
waa.. so jambu one u know.. he doesnt look anything like an instructor..
if i were a girl, i fall for him.. =P
anyway we had to hand over our belongings (hp,handphones,wallet,cash,mp3)..
but i smuggle another hp.. muahaha
later we had our lunch n all n had a tour of the area..
then we had to put our belongings into our dorms which is x so high (only 70 steps) compared to other dorm like camah..
pity koyot, amer n all the other people who stayed there..
the bed are the dorm are double-decker beds made out of wood..
i bunk on the lower bed while safiq ontop of me..
they have limited closet though..
so i didnt like put my clothes in em..
i just put it all on my bed..
we had the evening free n went down to eat at 630 pm..
btw the food there was great.. =P
we had no activity that night though..
this is like very diff from other camps ive been to..
where we have back to back activity..
but here we had time to like lpk2 n all..
ouh.. we are not allowed to smoke there..
but as usual people still do..
i had quite a hard time resisting it as people smoke in the dorms as well..
and people offering me..
especially ammar..
dats bout it for day 1..

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

an unexpected visitor..

do u consider a surprise a good thing or a bad thing..
well mayb it depends on the surprise..
but i think a surprise is something dat could knock ur sense back into reality..
like when ur on a role and forget to turn back once in a while or forget to consider other..
then banggg..
some shit comes knocking u back to reality..

but it really suck if it happens at the wrong time..
like for instance ur so hype to go on a vacation..
and then out of nowhere, along comes mr. surprise stumbles on u..
and guess what mr. surprise is in a bad mood today..
so what do u do..?
u face mr. surprise and confront him and like smack the hell out of it..
or ur just ignore and be a hypocrite at the moment and mayb confront him later..
*dz feels like a story for kids.. o well i am a kid..

if u like confront mr surprise now u may end up with bruises and mayb a broken tooth..
but if u like save it for later u just got to have the strenght to keep it inside..
and just pray that u x burst out..
well i just chose to wait for the right moment..
u know, gather all ur strenght and weapons..
besides u have like a vacation to go to..
u x wanna spoil it for u and others rite..
so what u do is u just have a great time there and try to x think of the intruder..
just smile and when u like wanna burst or something u just go away alone for a while and calm ur self down..

gtg for now..
continue later..