Tuesday, February 23, 2010

heart broken

i just finish playing basketball with my friends at curtin uni just now.
well it wasnt the 1st time we played basketball since i got back to miri.
to be honest, my muscle still feel painful till now even after like 2 days of resting. im just x like before when i can play for hours on a single day and still come down to play the following day felling strong and energetic.

i feel... OLD!!!.....

do not like it..
i use to be like the leader of a lion hunting group (yes i know the lioness is the one that does all the hunting). but now its like im the lion. wait for the lioness to do the work just come 2 eat if the succeed.

the sad part is that im only 22. still young.

btw, the 2 players below are my fave basketball player.. =P