Friday, January 8, 2010


I'm bloging while working which means that it's a boring and slow day. But why? It's a weekend kan.
Anyway my "twin" has gone back to uni so it's less cheerful and competitive one might say.
One day me and him had like a contest to see who's the fastest to do things around here. Well it's a tie for like drinks bot ice blended and hot. But he won at cashiering. Damn that buggers fast. But I got him back at gourmet. Wohooo.

I just realize I'm x fit Nymore. I had to run and buy some eggs just a few mins ago as the delivery haven't arrived yet. And now I'm out of breath. *panting
need to boost up my stamina. like start to exercise, play sports and jog..
one of my staff also said im buncit now.. demn..