Monday, April 19, 2010


sometimes in life u dont really know what 2 do..
i mean ur like a split road..
unsure of taking which path..
afraid to choose a destination..
maybe also haunted by old memories..

we all dream of having a peaceful life..
one without any pressure..
one which we are appreciated by what we've done..
one where you x feel like ur being used..
a life where just happiness floats around..

we all wish that theres somebody out there for you..
someone who truly understands you..
someone that makes ur day..
someone who doesnt put their selves first..
a partner that is worth living for..

we all know that life is x that easy..
knows that life is a roller coaster ride..
knows that no one is perfect in this world..
knows that we cant run away from misery sometimes..
a life of unknowing future..

1 comment:

lyanne37 said...

why it seems like a very sad post.? if you want a happy life, find the ways to lead one, until you found it. don't stop in the journey, always keep on going. all the best in life! =) insyaAllah you'll find your way.